I never said what you did was right or wrong; it's wrong.

Who knew that times could change.

I think. The most amazing feeling was this past weekend. I haven't felt that good all semester.

This past weekend was amazing. In the simplest manner and all.

All I can hope for is that this feeling stays with me, simply for the rest of the semester. And maybe that'll fuel some motivation for me to fix all the C's I have. I'm not going to let anyone bring me down again. Or I'm going to try really hard to associate myself with better people.

As one of my friends said before, it seemed impossible before, but you still move on believe it or not. I'm still not completely and perfectly better, but I feel so good compared to weeks ago.

All I want right now is to hold onto the goals I had made before the mess that is this semester happened. My goals are the most important, and the people that are most important to me are those who help me achieve these goals, not bring me down constantly.

The feeling is more than amazing knowing that not all faith is lost. Faith is the basis of everything beautiful.
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Here I go, scream my lungs out to try to get to you.

Here's me taking the time out of my ridiculously busy life to say, I'm the Clarinet Section Leader for next season!! Wooo!!!

And I've been getting 4 hours of sleep for the past week. My roommate and I woke up this morning, and the first thing she said to me was the dark circles under both our eyes. XD Sigh!!

Better update soon!
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I had Wawa for the first time in over a month just yesterday. It tasted wonderful.

Last week, I rode the train for the first time with a friend who needed to go to a dentist office. We never found it, and got lost multiple times. People in Metuchen had no idea where anything was. And they live there. O.o Suree....

Today, I'm going to Plymouth Whitemarsh for Oakcrest's competition. I can't wait. I haven't seen their full show yet, and I'm absolutely excited. I get to see Sven, whom I haven't seen for three weeks now (it's slowly getting easier...) And all the other people, whom I have seen for a month+. It's like..a half surprise for all my friends there. I've only told Sven and Rickie. I'm still so very excited. My friend, Amanda, and I are going together, and she seems excited too.


I have tonnes of homework. XD I have a an exam, a quiz, lab report, labs, essay, and just regular problems to do. Man, I love aspiring to be a Pharmacist (half-sarcasm). I also have to figure out some financial aid stuff (damn, economy). Then, I finally get to start work study on Monday. Then, I should go about wondering why I haven't been registered to vote already when I sent in the stuff a while ago. Ah, college.

Yay, life. Love life.
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I have to cough up so much money for Rutgers. ;_;

My spirits are breaking again...

But I'm in a good mood right now.

It's like..I'm breaking, but I'm happy. Does that make sense at all...?
Say Good-bye

I wanna take you away, let's escape into the music.

This summer is going very...interestingly...

There are many good and bad points to my entire summer. It's just...wow. Very different.

Ohh, I regret nothinggg.

Mm...It's just that, I realize there's less than a month left. I am SO RIDICULOUSLY excited for college. But...it's just depressing in the sense that my most favourite friends, that I've GROWN UP with, are all going their separate ways. This is the last stretch. My last real friends going away. This is the big stretch.

Steve's away for a week. Not that I already haven't seen him for a week. This is an odd thing to get used to, also. Our conversation last night was quite depressing, but it was...enlightening. It's funny how life works.

Here's to my last stretch. Nothing's going to get in my way. Life's too short to let petty things hold you down. Even the depressing parts invigorate you.

Here we go.
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& we hoped for the best.

Oh. My. God. Pogo has WORD RIOT DELUXE. *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

My jaw dropped. & I got really, really excited.

But...meh. I think you have to pay for it. & you have to download something. :[ :[

But still! It's the spirit of the matter! <3<3<3

It's been there since APRIL! OH. MY. GOD.

Playing guitar

I wanna be myself again.

Meh. I feel as if my life is going completely ...wrong.

Graduation is Wednesday. :| It's not phasing me anymore.

I dread summer.

But still excited. Meh.

If my parents were okay with me, I would completely adore every thought of summer. But no, I have this conflict...

and another. meh.
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