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I Need You More Than I'll Ever Know

I want to write the perfect song, and play it just for you. <3

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Sing this song for me;
Tell me how you'll n e v e r leave my side.

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A new day, a new light
Let's see if you can survive tonight-
A frightful fiend, a loveing friend
I'll be with you 'til the very end.

But are you the same to me?
Are you the one that sets me free?
I'm a fool and a liar,
I belong in Hell, with the burning fire.

Are you the one that sees me through,
see the world through my view-
Help me out, let me soar,
Or are you gonna let my tears pour and pour?

A new day, a new light
Let's see if you can survive tonight-
My world is dying, I don't know what to do;
Guide me through, and we can be together, forever true.

This poem's almost two years old. The times from then and now have been predictable, yet unpredictable, but through all these times, I've wanted someone there with me. But I didn't need someone. Independence is a great feeling, isn't it? However, I do have great friends who are there for me, whether these people are in real life, experiencing the sights of my tears, or online, where hope is in trust.

At the ages of a teenager, emotions tend to overwhelm us. I'm the kind of person that wants to be your friend that you can laugh and cry with. I try my hardest to fulfill that. I give everyone a chance; I don't care who or what you are, whether you're the prettiest person in the world, the ugliest, the oldest, or the youngest. I look at how you are. Who you are inside brings out the best beauty of all. The best beauty of an everyday life is appreciating even the most minor details of it. My journal consists of summaries of my day, "philosophical" insights, band, school, and more. They tend to be a little lengthy, but I hope they're still interesting to read.

For a proper introduction...Hey, my name's Tracy. I'm a 16-year-old Chinese girl residing in a town in New Jersey. I'm NOT your average teenager, although I do bitch, rant, and whine occasionally. I'm a confident, mature young woman. If you think any less of me, you don't deserve my time. Don't add me if you don't comment or only intend to make your list longer.

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P.S. Everything you see in my journal, text and graphics-wise, is mine unless otherwise noted. You may not steal without my permission, or you can at least tell me you're stealing it. & most or all of my images are accreditted to Google because that's where you can find anything and everything ;)

Hello, my love, I wish I knew where you were.

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I hope that I will n e v e r let you down;
I know that this can be more than just
flashing lights and sound.

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